About Me


Hello and hearty welcome to my website! I’m Tanu Varma – a passionate cook and a teacher by profession. I am the food photographer, recipe developer and founder of Tanu’s Recipes!

I was born in India and brought up in a family of foodies. My mum always believed in feeding homemade food to the family. So, I grew up with aromas of fresh spices and herbs ; paying keen attention to everything being cooked at home – snacks, curries, desserts, street food…..literally everything! I started experimenting in the kitchen at a very young age and soon realised that cooking is my pride and joy.

I brought my passion for cooking with me when I moved to London in 2008 after getting married. London’s multicultural communities have endowed the city with the cuisines of the world that are known for their distinctive flavours, ingredients and spices. I experienced the taste and flavours of a wide variety of cuisines in London which definitely took my culinary skills to the next level. I experimented those dishes in my kitchen in their pure form or by giving them an Indian twist.

Someone has rightly said, “Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness“. It’s a very special feeling when you see happiness on the face of people you love; specially when you know, it’s because of the good food prepared by you. The pleasure I derive from cooking made me feel that I should share this pleasure with rest of the world. Ta-dah…..here comes the website ‘Tanu’s Recipes’! This is your own website. Yes! You read correctly and I mean it. You can post your own recipes, create your own recipe book which you can access from anywhere and on any device, get new recipes in your email inbox and get notified when a new recipe category is added on this website. That’s not all, you can also ask me questions and give your valuable feedback about my recipes.

I immensely enjoy cooking, creating, plating and photographing the dishes I share with you on this website and I hope you will equally enjoy cooking them in your kitchen. I can’t wait to hear from you! If you like or try any recipe from this website, please let me know by writing your comments about it.

Before I say goodbye, I’m sharing one of my favourite quotes with you:

“Food is essential to life, therefore make it good”
  S. Truett Cathy

Believe me, it’s not difficult to make good food! We will make it together through this website. All you need is the right cooking equipment, fresh ingredients and a superb recipe.

So what are you waiting for? Find a recipe on this website, gather your ingredients and start the delightful bustle.

Happy Cooking!