Popular Recipes

Mung & Methi Waffles

Incredibly delicious high-protein savoury waffles prepared from a batter of gree...

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Broccoli Manchurian

Super-easy yet unbelievably delicious Indo-Chinese dish prepared by stir-frying ...

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Oats & Wholewheat Rusks

Crunchy golden brown twice baked bread enriched with the flavour of cardamom &am...

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No-Bake Mango Cheesecake

A super-easy and irresistible cheesecake made of buttery biscuit base topped...

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Quick Recipes

Pizza Toast

Vibrant, delicious and easy to prepare pizza toast or pizza-cum-toast that is he...

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Chana Chaat

Boiled chickpeas & potatoes mixed with tangy chutneys, flavourful spices and...

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Egg Bhurji

Indian variant of scrambled eggs prepared using onions, tomatoes, ginger, fresh ...

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Vegetable Khichadi

Nutritious and comforting one-pot dish prepared by cooking rice, lentils and veg...

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